The greater our membership, the more effective we are.
We encourage all shooters to join us to help protect and promote our sport.

Membership to the Boston Valley Conservation Society is $75 for current NRA members (covers dues and initiation fee is waived) and $120 for non-NRA members (includes an NRA membership). Membership for spouses is $37.50.

Membership is valid from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. New memberships can be purchased any time during the year, but expire on June 30th.

With your membership, you pay lower rates for shooting and have access to the pistol range without accompaniment. You also have access to all the club facilities and may place a request to use the facilities for personal events.

Download Membership Application

Return the application to the Club Membership Chairman (see application) or Sponsoring Member. Fees are due upon application approval. Applicant will be notified when to appear before the Membership Interviewing Committee. If applicant is accepted, he/she will be on a ONE-YEAR PROBATION before final recommendation by the General Membership is made.